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My First Wedding with Fujifilm XT3

I been shooting weddings for the past 4 years and I always used my canon bodies for weddings. Back then there was only 2 choice for wedding photography, Canon or Nikon. I loved my canon system, it always worked for me. Even though I tried to use a Sony a7r Mark 2 with an adapter to use my canon glasses on, I was never happy with the speed and accuracy the system delivered, but I admit the third generation of sony alpha cameras are amazing but investing in Sony e mount glasses was out of the budget.

Here I am after 4 years of shooting weddings on canons, finally had the courage to leave the canon full frame eco system and switched to the aps-c Fujifilm world. Since I am a hybrid shooter, it was key to purchase a hybrid camera. With my canon bodies, I was missing out on features like no in body image stabilisation, no 4 k recording, no eye autofocus and no slo motion capabilities. XT3 came with all these features exept the in body image stabilisation and it was a no brainer to switch.

So how does it actually feel to shoot a wedding with a Fuji camera? Well for me it was a joy to use, because of the eye autofocus I was less worried about getting the eyes in focus and I had more time to think of the composition while shooting. Which I think made a huge impact in the images. And since the camera body and lenses are so small it made me less noticeable to others and resulted in more relaxed candid looking images, which is exactly what I am trying to achieve as I am a big fan of documentary style of wedding photography.

Since shooting a wedding involves a lot of different light situation, I brought 2 Godox flashes 685 f and a v860 ii flash. I used it with 2 of my Fuji xt3 bodies for indoors and it turned out pretty good as you can see from the photos.

My goal for this wedding was to carry as little gear as possible so that I can concentrate on the good stuff, that is taking photos rather than worrying about lenses and lights. Infact that was one of deciding factor when I switched to fujI system. My main lenses of choice was the Fujinon 23 f1.4 and the 56 f1.2 lens. Both are just great lens giving me a 35 mm and 85 mm full frame equivalent field of view.

After the ceremony I took the couple to a nearby woodland area where we got some casual portraits.

I mainly used the 56 f1.2 at f1.2 to get that creamy bokeh and good separation from the background. I did used the 23 f1.4 for some environmental portraits but I found it bit challenging as I had only like an hour to do the shoot, so using the 56 f1.2 was a no brainier.

I hope you enjoyed the blog, I am not sure if you noticed any quality change from a full frame to an Aps-c sensor image. I certainly havnt noticed any change, Infact I found my images to be holding up really good while editing. If you have any wedding or Fuji related question do DM me on my instagram @nevinixavier or @betterfilms and I will be happy to answer your questions.




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